Kattis Questions to Check Out

What is Kattis?

The Kattis Problem Archive is a website with hundreds of programming questions for you to try. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned programmer, you’ll find a wide range of questions that’ll give you a good challenge!

You can find Kattis here: https://open.kattis.com

What is this page?

I use Kattis a fair bit. Whether to give my students some practice, or even as a challenge for myself once in a while.

This page is a curated list of some of the questions I’ve found useful in one way or another. If you’ve found other fun and interesting questions you want me to spotlight here, send me an email at hello@nerdfirst.net!

Hope you find this list useful!

Beginner-Level Questions

The questions in this table are basic questions for you to exercise your understanding and to apply your skills to problems. All because this section is labelled “Beginner-Level” doesn’t mean these questions are easy! Read the questions carefully and make sure you produce exactly what is required of you. No more no less!

Question NameDifficultySkills NeededGood ForUpdated (On this List)
Mixed Fractions1.4Modulo OperatorProgramming math9-Sep-2019
Hissing Microphone1.3String Search and ManipulationFirst test of Kattis and to exercise string manipulation skills9-Sep-2019
License to Launch1.4Array manipulations in a loopMin-finding algorithms9-Sep-2019
Harshad Numbers1.4Programming math and loopsAlgorithm design and programming math9-Sep-2019
Seven Wonders1.4String manipulationAlgorithm design based on scenario31-Dec-2019
Soylent1.6Programming mathAlgorithm design based on scenario9-Sep-2019
Heart Rate1.3Programming mathAlgorithm design based on scenario9-Sep-2019
Cetiri1.8Programming math and sorting algorithmsAlgorithm design based on scenario14-Sep-2019
Cold-Puter Science1.3Looping with nested conditionalsNested Structures9-Sep-2019
Broken Swords1.8Programming Math, Looping with nested ConditionalsNested Structures, Algorithm Design26-Feb-2020
Line Them Up1.6Loops and SortingDesigning simple algorithms with branching logic9-Sep-2019
Boat Parts1.6Sequence-Style Data StructuresStoring a sequence of items9-Sep-2019
Hitting Targets1.8Programming Math and LoopingData organization and retrieval1-Jan-2020
Different Distances1.6Loops, Math FunctionsExercising understanding of Math library20-Mar-2020
Sum of the Others1.9Loops, SequencesDesign of elegant solutions20-Mar-2020
Relocation1.5Loops, Sequence Data Structures, If-StatementsBuilding programs with a "command interface"09-Dec-2022
I've Been Everywhere, Man1.4Loops, Sequences, Data StructuresData de-duplication09-Dec-2022

Intermediate Questions

These questions require you to strategize and think carefully about the data structures and algorithms you use. Go slow, and plan before starting!

Question Name
DifficultySkills NeededGood ForUpdated (On this List)
Patuljci1.8Data organization and manipulationAlgorithm development23-Mar-2020
Oktalni1.8Looping, String manipulation and conditionals-1-Jan-2020

What does the fox say?
2.0String manipulation, structuring data for reuse-23-Mar-2020
Luhn's Checksum Problem1.5Loops and Programming MathWorking with slightly larger-scale algorithms9-Sep-2019
Interpreter3.6Organizing lists of information and accessing them appropriatelyReminiscent of the Little Man Computer. Good for practicing computer organization skills.23-Mar-2020
Scaling Recipes1.9Looping with ArraysWorking with multiple loops and data structures9-Sep-2019
Bus Numbers2.3Loops, sequencesStrategic use of if-statements alongside loops23-Mar-2020
Another Brick in the Wall1.8Nested LoopsExercising two-dimensional computing math9-Sep-2019
Bacon, Eggs and Spam1.6Sequence-Style Data StructuresData organization and retrieval20-Mar-2020
Grandpa Bernie3.2Storing and retrieving data in sequences Data storage, organization and retrieval23-Mar-2020
Goldbach's Conjecture2.8Looping, Working with PrimesManaging complexity in programs23-Mar-2020
Backspace2.5Looping, StringsChoosing efficient data structures & methods to manipulate them09-Dec-2022
T9 Spelling1.6Loops, Basic Data StructuresReasoning about pre-processing before solving the problem09-Dec-2022
Weak Vertices1.5Graph Data Structures & AlgorithmsPractice basic graph representation and manipulation09-Dec-2022

Advanced Questions

The questions here require either deeper conceptual understanding, require complex applications of specialized data structures and algorithms, or have timing constraints requiring optimized algorithms.

Question NameDifficultySkills NeededGood ForUpdated (On this List)
A Towering Problem2.1Data storage, sorting and manipulationDeveloping algorithms from a story23-Mar-2020
Get to Work2.2Sequence data structuresData organization and representation23-Mar-2020
Delimiter Soup1.9Appropriate patterns for bracket matchingApplying concepts in bracket matching; Considering edge cases23-Mar-2020
Touchscreen Keyboard1.9Sequence data structures; Sorting algorithmsManaging complexity of larger programs23-Mar-2020
FBI Universal Control Numbers2.2Number systems, Data Structures for efficient lookupManaging complexity of larger programs23-Mar-2020
Pizza Hawaii2.6Data storage and lookupPerforming appropriate cross-referencing across multiple data structures23-Mar-2020