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0612 TV is an educational YouTube channel, covering topics in computing and technology. Created in 2008, the channel now contains over 900 videos spanning a wide variety of topics. The channel caters to a broad range of difficulty levels, from complete novices to degree learners alike!

The channel has covered a wide range of topics, from areas such as Programming, Algorithms and Computing Theories, Computer Graphics, Photography, and Specialized Guides for using software such as FFMPEG, Deshaker, GIMP and more!

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The quickest way to find my work is to simply search the channel using the box above, or refer to the featured videos at the top of the page. However, if you’re interested in longer-form content, you might want to also consider the following playlists!

Logic Gates form the basis of much of computation today. In this series, we delve deeper into how the different types of logic gates behave, and how they can be combined to create more complex components like Encoders, Multiplexers, and Flip-Flops!

Graphs are one of Computing’s most powerful data structures, capable of modelling problems in predictable and efficient ways. In this series, we delve into what graphs are, and what algorithms we can perform on them. From simple breadth / depth first search to more complex ideas like pathfinding with Dijkstra’s Algorithm and Topological Sorting. We’ll also take a closer look at Dynamic Programming in this series!

We take a closer look at SQL, the Structured Query Language, a declarative programming language used to interact with databases. In this short series, we look at the operations that can be performed on a database and just what makes databases so powerful!

In addition to the basic Sorting Algorithms discussed above, more complex algorithms exist, making use of specialized Data Structures to get the job done efficiently! This series delves into data structures like Balanced Binary Search Trees and Binary Heaps.

Delving even deeper past Logic Gates, we study the components that make them work – The transistors inside! In this series, we study how NPN and PNP transistors are used in circuits. We’ll build logic gates and other components like a Bistable Multivibrator and a Pulse Detector using transistors and capacitors.

While sorting seems like a fairly intuitive process to us, it’s rather involved for computers! In this series, let’s delve into how computers perform sorting, studying all the classics like Bubble Sort, Quicksort and Mergesort, while also picking up key computing skills like Recursion and Time Complexity!