Hello, I’m 0612

And I’m a nerd based in Singapore!

Hello, I’m 0612

And I’m a nerd based in Singapore!

I Teach

I am a diploma-level lecturer in areas like programming, IOT, machine learning and more!

I'm on YouTube

I make educational videos about computer science, programming and other related concepts. Read more.

I Write Code

I'm a computer scientist and software engineer, and I code in Python, Java, and the full web stack, among others.

"I would never pay for tuition normally, but I realized that, more than just paying for knowledge, having you as a tutor is like paying for walking inspiration."

- A satisfied learner for one-to-one tuition

"I can't believe how helpful that was! I can literally feel my brain expanding by the minute."

- A YouTube Viewer

"Excellent trainer, very helpful. He is good in his field, yet able to articulate in layman’s terms in his explanation. Not every trainer is able to do this. "

- A Learner from a Skillsfuture-certified course

"[The] lecturer was systematic and clear in delivery, and provided time for hands on exercises. Lecturer displayed passion about the subject matter and made the classes very engaging. Highly increased my interest for coding."

- A learner from a Specialist Diploma programme

"Very passionate towards teaching. Love his way of asking questions [...] to reinforce concepts and that should be the way we think when we encounter such issues. Concise but clear in his explanation, and approachable"

- A learner from the National University of Singapore

"A very distinctive tutor who makes the class very interesting with his method of teaching. Teaching slides are surprising well prepared with animations and addition of important stuff. Easy to communicate to."

- A learner from the National University of Singapore

"You sir just crushed it! I love the way [you] broke those switches down Barney Style [...] There are too few videos that explain these tools with such clarity."

- Comment from a YouTube Viewer

"The trainer is very passionate at what he teaches, and he is very patient and knowledgeable in this field. […] As a student in programming, I wished he was my lecturer in my school."

- A learner from a one-day Skillsfuture-approved course